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Keep every piece of glass and mirror inside the home sparkling clean

If there is a screened porch, make certain all the screens are in perfect repair, well stretched and well cleaned.Even a cleaned out, emptied out and fully organized garage, looks far larger and better if the cars are out of it.  There should be NO cars in the garage, in the driveway or in front of the house when the buyer arrives with the agent.  Check with the condo association to see if they will immediately and professionally repair anything that needs to be done.  Keep every piece of glass and mirror inside the home sparkling clean. 

Mend the holes.Make certain China Fog Nozzles Suppliers your entrance door and surrounding areas are LOOKING GOOD!Check all around your unit; check the parking lot and surrounding grounds; check the community landscaping too.Keep the grass cut, not too short, but well groomed and frequently - you never know what day a prospective buyer will drive by.  In this case, stay with the fire until the Realtor gets there and then just go a short space away, to a neighbors house for instance, and return (for safety sake) as soon as the Realtor leaves.Even condos and townhouses need to have curb appeal.Go through the entire home and get rid of most of the nick-knacks and about three quarters of everything else.  If there is ANY mold and mildew on the outside of the home, a pressure washing with bleach will clean it and kill the mold and mildew.  If your yard or acreage has been let go too long, start with a professional service the first time and then keep up the property yourself if you want.  Sellers in the home are deal killers.  Remove a lot of the furniture and sell what you don't want to keep at the next home, or put lots of it in storage.  You can buy or rent electronic room deodorizers to freshen the air with filtration.  Go to a model home or a furniture show room and study, perhaps even take pictures, of how they are decorated. 

In the winter, especially if it's cold or dreary and overcast outside, light the fire before the showing.Bleach does wonders.  Buyers frequently pull out drawers in the kitchen and bath and open cupboards to better see the size and quality of construction as well as the quality of drawer runners, whether there are pull out shelves, etc.If you have a fireplace.  Wow them with the quality of your inside cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and baths.  Clean it out with concrete and brick cleaners and clean all the bricks and the inside of the fireplace with the appropriate professional cleaners from the fireplace store or building supply stores.  The perennial favorite is bright red geraniums in outside window boxes, under all the windows that can be viewed from the street.  In fact, a bed of mulch, flowers, shrubs, to decorate the base of the mailbox can be a great first impression if it's well done and well kept. 

It is to the advantage of every owner in the complex to have your home sell for as much as possible and as fast as possible; that increases the value and salability of every unit in the association.